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Given that I have been banned from the community in question and blocked from PM-ing the mod, I feel like this is the only way to clear up what happened on [ profile] camelot_love  recently that led to my being banned.

I feel that I do need to state something publically, simply because I have been told by two separate people that the moderator has been saying and/or implying things about me that are, at best, unfounded, and at worst are unkind. I have not heard anything directly from [ profile] wikked_angel_78 , however, so I of course cannot verify whether she actually has said anything. But the possibility that she has is enough for me to want to clarify a few things.

The other reason why I feel the need to state something publically is because of the sheer lack of communication with her – I have never once exchanged words with [ profile] wikked_angel_78  and she has now made it impossible for me to do so directly unless it is in the comments of a journal other than her own or [ profile] camelot_love . So this is also an opportunity for me to put my point of view to her, and for her to explain to me exactly why it was that she saw fit to ban me in the first place.

Here is what, as far as I can tell, happened:

Someone made a post on c_l asking who was going to the BFI screening, with obvious thoughts towards being able to meet up with fellow Arthur/Gwen shippers. I left the following comment:


(click to enlarge)

Subsequently my comment was either screened or deleted – I could still see it but no one else could, so I wasn’t sure what had happened to it. A number of people first asked me about what had happened to my comment via PM, then left their own comments re-iterating what I had said. I also left another comment reiterating my original one. Essentially, all that happened was that people were being invited to a real life party before or after the BFI screening. There was some curiosity from other members about what had happened to my comment (I was careful not to imply what I thought had happened – that the mod had deleted it – because I didn’t want to drag any drama out in public). Most people were just excited and hopeful about the prospect of a party.

The problem seemed to be that at least one of the people commenting – [ profile] la_esmeralda_  - has been in conflict with the mod before, and I am friends with her, being her co-mod on [ profile] merlin_multis . Various other people commenting were, of course, our mutual friends, although there were several others who were not and had no idea about E’s history with [ profile] wikked_angel_78 . [ profile] la_esmeralda_ 's presence and the presence of a number of others who were aware of the background of her conflict with the mod seems to have caused wikked to treat what was meant to be a friendly invitation to a party as some kind of personal attack on herself and/or the community as a whole. Anyway, at some point she came in, left a comment making a vague accusation about passive aggressiveness and deleted most of the comments left by people about meeting up. She then banned myself and [ profile] la_esmeralda_  from the comm.

Whilst I know that [ profile] wikked_angel_78  has been in conflict with a number of people about how she runs the community (though I was only recently made aware of this fact), I have never once had any direct communication with her, over this or any other matter, which is why I am currently so baffled as to this particular turn of events. I have not even been particularly active on [ profile] camelot_love  itself since the last season finished airing, so it’s not as if there is any ongoing pattern of behaviour that wikked can be looking at and judging unfavourably. I can think of only two instances in the last six months or so where I have commented on anything in the comm at all. The last one did end with my comment being deleted by her, because I suggested to someone who had made a slightly off-colour comment about Arthur/Morgana shippers that it was probably a nicer idea to be respectful of them. Though it struck me as odd that such a comment would be deleted (particularly since I received an apology almost immediately and it was clear that no one had meant any real harm) I didn’t pursue the matter. As I said – I am not a hugely active member of the community, so didn't think much of it.

Equally bemusing is that, on the face of things, at least, I was banned purely for suggesting a party between members of two different livejournal communities - which, to me, anyway, made sense simply because many, many members of [ profile] merlin_multis  are also members of [ profile] camelot_love , so why not just invite everyone along?

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone who was unwittingly caught up in the situation. Whilst I knew that wikked had forbidden [ profile] la_esmeralda_  from promoting [ profile] merlin_multis  on the comm., I did not know that simply mentioning it in the comments would result in anything like this, and it was not my intention to cause any kind of conflict, especially around the BFI screening which so many of us are looking forward to.

I really only wanted to create some form of larger gathering at the BFI so that we could have a bit of a fangirly party. That offer still stands. I have no issue with the [ profile] camelot_love  community as a whole; I have been a member there since it was first founded, and I am disappointed that I will no longer be able to participate there when the new season begins, though I will still be using it to browse for fic and pretty Gwen/Arthur fanart. In all honesty I have no issue with [ profile] wikked_angel_78  herself, either – how can I, when I’ve never spoken to her?

I am certainly bemused, and I am worried about what I have been told she is saying about me, but I don’t feel I should judge either way until she comes to me directly, which she is welcome to do. If she chooses to contact me, I would only ask that she does so in a medium that allows me to reply, since she currently has blocked me from PM-ing her.

For anyone who is interested, [ profile] la_esmeralda_ 's post on what happened can be found here. [ profile] kepp0xy , who was banned a few days later for passing on a message from [ profile] la_esmeralda_  via the screened comments of a mod post on [ profile] camelot_love , has written about her position here.

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I spent much of today in one of those 'OH GOD I SUCK AT WRITING AND I AM GOING TO END UP IN A GUTTER MAKING UP LYMERICKS FOR BEER' moods. I made the mistake of re-reading one of the poorer-written bits of my zombie!novel and - shockingly - it was poorly written. UUUGH.

I hate writing first drafts, for this very reason.

I have somewhat cured this particular spell of brain!fail by eating belgian chocolate ice cream and knitting whilst watching the hotel inspector. Dave came round this morning to donate to me the remaining content of the parentals freezer, since they are off to France for three weeks and want to switch their freezer off, and in amongst that was the belgian chocolate ice cream. GOOD TIMES. And then another present from my older sister arrived in the form of another book of cool plushie patterns.

I constructed the head of a knitted teddy bear this morning and now have one half of its body done. It gives me something to do whilst I'm listening to my audio of Toni Morrisons Beloved (another one on my reading list for next year). And I like knitting.

But yes. I need to stop with the major panics every time I discover the bits of the zombie!novel that aren't particularly stellar. It's not doing me any good.

Also that new hotel inspector - Alex Polizzi - is kind of hot. Even when she's pregnant. It's about time I developed a pointless summer crush (it was that model of Gok's Fashion Fix last year) and I suspect this might be it. WOOO.
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Title: Bradley's Top Secret Hugo!Fetish
Rating: R
Pairing: Bradley/Katie/Hugo
Genre: Humour
Warnings: masturbation; mentions of furries and plushie fetishists.
Summary: Bradley develops a fixation on Katie's hot water bottle. He is disturbed, uses google too much and eventually decides to steal the hot water bottle in order to Stop This Nonsense once at for all. Things do not go as planned.

 Yeah, NONE of this actually happened. Some people on tumblr made me do it, I swear.

Katie snorts, "what? Did I somehow accidentally make Hugo sexy?" )

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+Expo is exhausting. EXHAUSTING. I had forgotten just  HOW draining it is, especially on a Saturday. OH.MY.GOD.  The noise, the crowds, just -  NNNNGH. I'm completely drained and I was wearing reasonably comfortable shoes (unlike dr_dischordia, whose HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PAIN is well documented in the video diaries I kept today).

+Queueing to get into the panel room was a bit insane. Expo really need to sort out another system for getting people in to Merlin panels, because for a while the atmosphere at the front of the queue was NASTY because of how anxious people were about getting in and getting seats. It wasn't fun, in fact at one point I was worried it was genuinely going to turn dangerous (it looked like there would be a stampede inside the moment we were allowed in, and if someone tripped and fell in that, people weren't going to stop to avoid standing on them). Many of the stuards were young, inexperienced and totally ineffective at keeping people calm and civilised ([ profile] doylefan22  was the ONLY  steward there who was worth her salt - I'm fairly sure something very unpleasant would have happened if she hadn't been there at the front managing people). We did eventually get in safely thanks to some of the firmer handed of the stuards and the compare insisting that anyone running to seats would be chucked to the back of the line, but it was hairy for a good wee while there.

+The panel itself was great - although Bradley hadn't been able to make it, and it was clear that Colin, Angel and Katie were exhausted. Angel particularly looked tired. They'd apparently been doing nightshoots last night, poor bbs. I felt REALLY bad for them. The fact that they made it at all, and were smart and funny and engaging anyway, was a miracle.

+Cringe-worthy moments were mostly minimal and luckily well-handled by the compare (who was good at making jokes over the tension and moving things swiftly on). One girl asked for a hug (WHY?  WHY would you ask total strangers for physical contact? ugggh. It's NEVER appropriate to do that - if the cast chooses to hug YOU it's another matter but you don't ASK for that sort of thing); the compare swiftly told her no and moved on - although Katie clearly felt bad for her and told her it was nice of her to come (the girl was from outside the country - I forget where). One girl mentioned slash (okay, somewhat more acceptable but still a tad cringe-worthy when it's asked sincerely).

+Lots of good questions and some awesome responses - Katie's favourite guest star is still Asa but she says he 'may' have been displaced by Emelia Fox (HELLO, RPS), who she really likes. Me and [ profile] doylefan22  were most pleased by this news. Colin and Katie almost broke off in the middle of a question as to who would win in a fight between Merlin and Morgana to settle it by wrestling. (Clearly, this is the method of resolving conflict that Katie favours over all others, given that she did something similar with Angel in that interview at the BFI last year).

+Mine was the second question asked - I was lucky, in that I DID end up in (one) of the front rows (the chairs were set up in sort of a square formation around the front of the stage) so I got noticed by the compare pretty quick. I asked Katie about Hugo (obviously) - she said he is still integral to her character and not going anywhere (I told her 'peachy') and then asked: 'on a scale of one to ten, with one being a slap and ten being the loss of two or more limbs, exactly where will Morgana's terrible and bloody vengeance against Merlin fall?' Katie sporfled and said that as it turns out, the vengeance against Merlin is not as strong as she would like.

+She nettled Colin about Merlin killing Morgana repeatedly throughout the panel - it was very funny.

+Angel clearly has her eye set on doing some work in America as her next career goal - I think she sees being in Merlin as a gateway to that (and I hope she manages it).

+Katie says she rarely gets recognised in public (once had a full on arguement with someone on the tube about whether or not she was Keira Knightly; and was once out with Colin - Colin got recognised and a girl came bouncing up to ask for his autograph and a picture but had no idea who Katie was).

+If Katie wasn't an actor she'd want to write books about dead people (LIKE ME). Although I think she means more as a historian (which makes sense given that she has a history degree); whereas I like writing books about zombies.

+We saw the new action figures - there will be Gwen and Morgana ones too and I WILL want those. Also, there were Merlin STAMPS on sale at the expo - proper collectable postage stamps with the cast on. I was VERY tempted but they were £25 and I'm not sure it's worth it.

+I have autographs!  ^_^  Still gutted about the lack of signing session but like I said, the guys were clearly exhausted and it was just good they made it at all. And the signed mini posters we got were VERY pretty - season two promos signed with silver sharpie. NICE.

+I bought a crazy 'beanie boo' (like beanie babies but with CRAZY huge eyes - meant to look super cute but really look a bit evil). I think it's meant to be a racoon. I have named him Milo. He is awesome.


MANY, MANY panel pics: )

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The lesbian Iranian film directer, Kiana Firouz, applied to Britain for asylum because she made and starred in a film called cul-de-sac, about lesbians in Iran, which features her engaging in explicit sex acts with other women and talking about human rights abuses there. Homosexuality is illegal in Iran (punishable by 100 lashings on each offence and after three offences is punishable by execution) and the subject matter of the film means that Kiana is almost certainly facing death if she is sent back to her home country.

The British home office, in their infinite wisdom, denied her asylum, and denied her appeal (most likely because they don't want to piss off the Iranian government). She has one last appeal before she is sent back.

Quite obviously, this is a horrific situation. (You can read more about it here). But essentially, f-listies, what I need you to do is this:

Send an email to the home office ( asking them to reconsider Kiana's case. I have copied and pasted my own email to them under the cut, so all you have to do is copy it, paste it into an email, and send. If the government comes under enough pressure from the public then they MIGHT consider that pissing off Iran is worth saving an actual human being from torture and death.

Under here... )

Please help out, f-listies! It'll only take a second!
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Title: The Secretary
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Morgana/Gwen; mentions of Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Gwen and Lancelot/Gwen
Warnings: very minor kink
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Modern day AU; Gwen is Morgana's secretary - with 'benefits'. She enjoys it more than she ought to.
AN: The second part or two; part one can be found here.


Thing is that this is all so sordid and interesting. )
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Title: The Secretary
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Morgana/Gwen; mentions of Arthur/Gwen, Merlin/Gwen and Lancelot/Gwen
Warnings: very minor kink
Spoilers: none
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Modern day AU; Gwen is Morgana's secretary - with 'benefits'. She enjoys it more than she ought to.
AN: This is the first of two parts; the next will be up tomorrow. Enjoy!


Morgana is not really what Gwen is expecting... )


Apr. 1st, 2010 09:34 pm
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Go onnnnn - a bunch of you know you want to sign up for it, f-listies... XP