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Life After Daddy

Student life - now with added bunnies.

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Birthdate:Jul 11
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Gni - Brit of Scottish origin, student, writer, fangirl, feminist. Owner of many rabbits and a blonde dog called Sammie. I prefer fantasy to reality (for the most part). I am really rather gay (for the most part). I dislike the cold and probably spend more time watching Judge Judy on YouTube than is strictly healthy.

My religious zealotry ends with my devotion to the ancient Greek deities, my worship of Aphra Behn and James Joyce. My love of all things mythological is outshone only by my love of all things Arthurian shaped and the mangled shreds of it presented to us in the BBC's Merlin.

I spent October 2007 - April 2008 chasing babies in an orphanage in Thailand and teaching a pre-school class there English. After being in a room for eight hours a day with forty babies all in cloth nappies some of who have diarrhea, very, VERY little can freak me out - although my essay deadlines have been known to induce the occasional panic attack. Also currently at the tail-end of losing shed-loads of excess fat, having been carting round eighty more pounds of it than I actually needed to survive since early puberty. Quite abruptly being skinny after a lifetime of being The Elephant In The Room is quite a lot to process so expect much mulling on the subject. In the mean time, I'm continuing to write endless rivers of fic and original fiction that may or may not one day stand a chance of getting published.

(If all else fails, I plan to pack up, head for the East Lothian countryside and start an alpaca farm).

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